It is no secret to many cat owners that getting a good rest is a top priority for cats. So how much do cats sleep, and why do they sleep so much? 


Most cats sleep around 16 hours a day. Cats are Crepuscular - so what does that mean? This means that they are the most active at sunrise and sundown - this is the easiest times for cats to find and catch their meals. Since this is in every cat’s genetics, this dominates the sleep patterns for all cats and means it won’t change. 


Despite the fact they spend almost half of the day sleeping, they are resting up in preparation for their next hunt. Hunting requires a lot of energy, and sleep is needed to not only conserve energy, but also recharge for their next hunt. Even though your cat may be domesticated, it still retains the biological impulse of their ancestors. The Difference Between Napping and Sleeping[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Cats take plenty of naps through the day. One of the key differences between when they are napping and when they are sleeping is that they are just resting, rather than actually being asleep. What this means is that if they presented with food or a treat, they would be ready and awake to handle what comes toward them. This means that they’ll be in a position in which they can get up and move easier than they would if they are sleeping. [Text Wrapping Break] 

Rainy Days It should come as no surprise that felines are affected by the weather, just like us. Cat behaviour can vary greatly, depending on multiple factors including their age, breed, and overall health. It has been observed that cats sleep more when the weather calls for it. That is right, even if you have an indoor cat, on a rainy or cold day they will be yawning and looking for some shut eye.  


Give Your Cat Something Interesting To Do 

So, what should you be doing with your cat during those four to seven hours of the day they are awake? You should be playing with your cat and helping them get some exercise. 


If there isn’t anything happening in your home, can you blame your cat for dozing off? If you want to see your cat on their feet more often, try to enrich their environment with interactive toys and grooming activities.  


Believe it or not but indoor cats not only adjust to where they live, but also to their owners’ sleeping habits and schedule. If a human leaves his cat behind when going to work, the sleepy cat may take advantage of that time to rest or catch some zzzs since they will get bored (unless there are toys easily available at home to play with). A rigorous play session is especially important in the evenings, as this is when your cat has been hard wired to hunt. By working with your cat’s natural cycle instead of going against it, you both can get a good night’s sleep.  


Cats may sleep a lot, but when they are awake, they sure do make the most of their time.